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Over 95% of both Men and Women make the same mistakes TIME and TIME again,
ranging from excess abdominal exercises to the typical grocery-store errors.

If your going to ever achieve your goals for burning the fat right off of your body,
you need to understand that:

1. There are no MAGIC PILLS that will make you burn fat

2. Tedious AB EXERCISES will not get rid of the fat around your mid section

3. You do not need to STARVE YOURSELF on a new fad diet

4. You absolutely cannot safely LOSE 30 POUNDS OF FAT IN 30 DAYS

5. There is a difference between WEIGHT LOSS AND FAT LOSS

6. You cannot burn excess amounts of fat WITHOUT EXERCISE

And the list goes On..

If you've ever fell for any of the above weight loss schemes,
it may just explain why you are still searching on how to get in to shape

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"8 Rules You MUST Understand If You Are Ever Going To Lose Your Stubborn Fat And Keep It Off For Life"

It's a fact that 95% of people who go on conventional diets gain all the weight back and end up fatter than when they started! This happens because when you start a "diet" you effectively slow down your metabolism and go into "starvation mode." So the question you should ask yourself is this:

"Is my diet helping to melt away the fat, or is it making me FATTER?"

Well the goal here at Fat-Proof.com is to help you break free from yo-yo dieting and FINALLY burn the fat, permanently -- even in your most mushiest spots:

  Without revolving around "Fat-Loss" Pills

  Without focusing on Abdominal Exercises that will net you NO results

  Without making you buy fancy ab contraptions

  Without jumping on another dieting craze or fad diet

  And Much More...

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