Fat-Proof.com adheres to a very strict NO SPAM Policy. Spamming consists of sending unsolicited email messages to any recipient with whom you do not have a personal or professional relationship. It also consists of, but is not limited to:

All registrants must agree to our Terms of Service prior to becoming a Fat-Proof.com member. This document clearly states our No SPAM Policy. If any of our members are reported for SPAM, the report will be IMMEDIATELY investigated.

We will absolutely and positively NOT tolerate Spam at Fat-Proof.com!

We reserve the right to determine what violates our No SPAM Policy.

If you believe that you have been "Spammed" by someone affiliated , please Contact Us immediately. In order to file a formal Spam Complaint with our company, you will be required to submit a copy of the original email received, complete with headers intact.

If you are a Fat-Proof.com Member and have ANY questions regarding our Spam Policy, Contact Us immediately BEFORE you promote, market, or advertise to avoid any problems.

For more information on the fight to stop SPAM, visit www.Cauce.org